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Slackline at Barra Funda in São Paulo

How is your balance?

Keep your balance up and don’t look down!

Stand up!

Keep yourself on top of our Slackline. Who will get to the other side? Let the challenge begin!

Our Rules

Always pay attention to your safety and of those surrounding you.

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  • Our Court Monitors will help you to get to your place to walk on the Slackline.
  • If you fall, please leave the pit as soon as possible.
  • Stay alert! Falling from the Slackline might hurt.
  • Braging rights for the ones who finishes the course.
  • Admission is allowed for children from 3 (three) years old onwards.
  • For safety reasons please always listen to the Court Monitors guidance.
  • Cellphones and other hand-held devices are not allowed while using our attractions. They can be damaged or cause severe injuries.
  • Our activities require the use of special non slippery socks.
  • Please remove all items from your pocket before proceeding to the attraction.