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Trampolines Park in Barra Funda SP

Freedom in the Jump

It is the center of much fun and joy guaranteed when jumping and playing on interconnected trampolines.

Welcome to Emotion Hunters

If it’s your first time at a Trampoline Park and you’re looking for a smile on your face, then is for you! All our trampolines are manufactured to the strictest safety criteria and our monitors will be attentive to guide you while you enjoy and have fun.

The Rules

Always be vigilant and ensure your safety as well as that of others.

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  • Only one person per trampoline is allowed at all times, including vertical walls.
  • Do not try to move or maneuver beyond your skill level.
  • The monitors will enhance security, we kindly ask you to listen to them at all times.
  • Cell phones are not allowed on the Elastic Beds, they can break, damage the equipment or even injure it.
  • Do not sit or lie anywhere on the Elastic Bed.
  • Children are allowed only after 3 (three) years.
  • Requires the use of non-slip stockings.
  • Remove all loose items and pockets before starting.