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Jump Fitness at Barra Funda in SP

Exercise and Fun

It is an effective activity not only to burn fat and stay in shape, but also to much fun.

Fitness Time

It is a very effective form of training to increase body knowledge, burn fat and improve muscle definition. It consists of intense bursts of exercise followed by periods of active recovery, allowing you to enjoy the session to the maximum, burn the maximum amount of calories and have fun.

The Rules

Always be vigilant and ensure your safety as well as that of others.

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  • This is a high-intensity exercise.
  • Allowed for people between 16 and 59 years.
  • Stay hydrated, bring your squeeze or buy your water at our facilities.
  • For safety reasons, always follow the guidelines of the monitors.
  • Requires the use of non-slip stockings.
  • Remove all loose items and pockets before starting.