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Half PipeCreate Yout Maneuvers

Halfpipe Trampoline in São Paulo

The first in Brazil

Experiência única. O único lugar onde você pode experimentar um trampolim Halfpipe no Brasil está aqui no Impulso.

Wall to wall

Using interconnected trampolines jump from left to right, on and off the walls all the way. What are you waiting for? Come jump!

The Rules

Always be vigilant and ensure your safety as well as that of others.

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  • Only one person at a time should use the Halfpipe.
  • Watch your movements, respect your safety.
  • You can jump all the way and back, then get out and let the next person use this attraction.
  • Do not try anything above your skill level.
  • No cell phones allowed, these can break, damage the equipment or even hurt you.
  • Children are allowed only after 3 (three) years.
  • For safety reasons, always follow the guidelines of the monitors.
  • Requires the use of non-slip stockings.
  • Remove all loose items and pockets before starting.