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Extreme Trail on Trampolines in São Paulo

Challenge Yourself

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Ninja? Now you got the place to practice and improve your skills!

Overcome Your Fears

You will have to jump, grab, climb throughout our Obstacle Course without falling on the foam pits below!

Our Rules

Always pay attention to your safety and of those surrounding you.

Learn More

  • This is a One-Way attraction. Keep going forwards and never go backwards.
  • The Court Monitors will let you know when you can start the course.
  • Do not try to go beyond your skill level.
  • Never throw the ball to the next in line. Handle it carefully.
  • Cellphones and other hand-held devices are not allowed while using our attractions. They can be damaged or cause severe injuries.
  • For safety reasons admission is allowed for children from 3 (three) years old onwards.
  • For safety reasons admission is allowed for children 1,20 m or higher.
  • Our activities require the use of special non slippery socks.
  • Please remove all items from your pocket before proceeding to the attraction.