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Climbing Wall in the West Zone of the SP

Ready to climb?

With a Foam Pit underneath you to soften your fall, our climbing wall is the perfect place for you to try this new challenge.

Climb High! Don’t need to look down

You can also develop this new skill here, at Impulse Trampoline Park! What are you waiting for? Come check it out!

Our Rules

Always pay attention to your safety and of those surrounding you.

Saiba mais

  • Never head dive into the Foam Pit.
  • Only one person at a time is allowed at the Trampolines.
  • Please leave the Diving Area as fast as possible, allowing the next in line to jump safely.
  • Do not hide yourself under the foam blocks.
  • Mind your movements and do not try to go beyond your skill level.
  • Admission is allowed for children from 3 (three) years old onwards.
  • For safety reasons please always listen to the Court Monitors guidance.
  • Cellphones and other hand-held devices are not allowed while using our attractions. They can be damaged or cause severe injuries.
  • Our activities require the use of special non slippery socks.
  • Please remove all items from your pocket before proceeding to the attraction.