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SlamDunk Zone

Basket on Trampoline in SP

Yes I Can!

Have you ever dreamed of being able to fly through the air and make the perfect slam dunk? At the Impulse you can make that dream come true!

Super Dunk!

Spring yourself up from the trampoline to make a super Slam Dunk! Our bounce pit will help you overcoming your limits and reach for this achievement.

Our Rules

Always pay attention to your safety and of those surrounding you.

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  • Do not hang yourself on the rim.
  • Only one person can Slam Dunk at a time.
  • Do not try to go beyond your skill level.
  • Never throw the ball to the next in line. Handle it carefully.
  • Cellphones and other hand-held devices are not allowed while using our attractions. They can be damaged or cause severe injuries.
  • Admission is allowed for children from 3 (three) years old onwards.
  • Our activities require the use of special non slippery socks
  • Please remove all items from your pocket before proceeding to the attraction.